Atlanta Falcons

“Martin was instrumental in providing the creative talent, vision and expertise we needed to re-energize the Atlanta Falcons brand. He played a critical role in helping us reach our organizational goals, by utilizing comprehensive research along with intuitive instincts to create a wonderful new brand identity. The positive player, fan and community response has been tremendous.”

DICK SULLIVAN, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Atlanta Falcons

As NFL Design Director, I guided the development of nationally recognized brand identities that capture the passion of millions of fans and consumers. Over the course of two years, I worked closely with team ownership in understanding their brand needs, while directing and supervising a team of designers throughout the research, design and implementation phases.

After acquiring the Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Blank engaged NFL Creative to revitalize his team’s image and appeal to a younger, more transient fan base. He had big changes in store for the organization as a whole, and wanted to send a clear message: this isn’t the same old Falcons. The final revolutionary redesign maintains the signature “F”, but captures the energy, drive and determination of a team and an organization on the move.

Deliverables: Brand identity development, uniform design, design team management